Graphic designer, webmaster, web developer. Photographer. Feels great in daily business designs but his true love are creative jobs like logos, covers, posters or gourmet printing.

It all started from plain art abilities, manual painting, sculpting and drawing, which was the best due to fast results. Then computer technology came in place and from the very beginning I was mastering my skills mainly in vector graphics, using Corel Draw, started at version 4… long time ago that was ;) Well it was a perfect tool for me as it gave ability to simplify the ideas and visual forms. It actually still is now, and most of my work is made using CorelDraw software.

As regards web – I’m self thought php programmer and web developer. I started in a time, when there were no trainings, hardly few books and everything you needed to achieve – you had to develop in your own way. All that combined with visual arts is a great base for maintaining and producing websites or any size.

Own hosting service comes very useful, too, providing at the moment home for over 30 various sites.